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Our Values

Integrity -  We will practice with honesty and will uphold the great honor and responsibility of this work.  We will also continually engage in the process of our own self-healing and growth work.  


Self-care - We will elevate our own self-care, knowing that our clients deserve our very best selves.  We will engage in the process of self-care individually and collectively as a group.  


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Creativity - We welcome and honor the creative capacity within each person.  Further, we view the work of healing and growth as an art form and we strive to assist our clients in creating the life they most desire. 


Holistic Care - We view our clients within the systems and layers that surround and either support them or limit them.  As we work to identify protective and risk factors alongside our clients, we strive to continually build their supports.  We also look at biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors and aim to create and sustain growth in each area.  


Relationship - We understand that human relationships are an important container for change.  We are dedicated to giving our clients our fullest and most present selves along with deep empathy.  With each of our clients, we aim to build a therapeutic relationship that includes awareness of that which impacts our clients (individually and systematically), openness, unconditional positive regard, and connection. We also strive to assist clients in maintaining, restoring and enhancing those relationships that are identified as safe for them.  


Lifelong Learning - We will remain dedicated to actively increasing our professional knowledge and skills.  We will engage in this continual process through clinical supervision and consultation as well as through continuing to learn from experts and emerging leaders in the field.  


Quality - We are dedicated to providing excellent care.  We will continually sharpen our clinical skills to assist our clients in creating and sustaining deep growth and change.

Self-Determination - In viewing our clients as the experts on themselves, we also respect and honor our clients’ right to self-determination.  We will assist our clients in their efforts to create and clarify their own goals, inviting evolution in the timing that feels best and most right for them.   


Professionalism - We will remain aware of and guided by our mission, vision and values as well as the ethical standards and principles of our profession.  We will continually strive to honor each of these within our practice.


Respect - By recognizing the inherent value, dignity and worth of all people, we honor that everyone’s journey is different.  At the core of each of our therapeutic relationships is immense care and respect.  


Co-creation - We view our clients as partners in their own healing process as we co-create the therapeutic journey.  


Dedication to Dismantling Social Injustice - We remain steadfastly dedicated to the pursuit of social change with particular regard to advocating for the liberation of vulnerable and oppressed individuals and communities.  We understand that a critical piece of this work is a commitment to continually aiming to better understand and address our own privileges, limitations and biases. We aim to create genuinely safe spaces, and our work is guided by a radical commitment to the well-being of every person and family that could potentially come into our therapeutic care.

Our Promises
Field Sunset

We will always advocate for and champion the healing work of our clients as they move into their fullest potential by embodying deep self inquiry, wholeheartedness, and mindful action.  


We will remain continually in awe of the human capacity for regenerative healing.  


We will never claim to be the expert on you.  With that, we know that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all process and we promise to openly welcome continual feedback that will assist us in aligning to that which you most need.  

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