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We believe in and respect the inherent dignity, value and worth of every person.  We also believe in the human capacity to engage in the process of self healing.  We know that the brain is incredibly resilient and that, given the right tools, it can be rewired in a way that allows restorative and nurturing healing to take place.  We believe that this rewiring process can also unlock a future of augmented hope and joy.  We believe that every person is worthy of such healing and growth. 


The clinical team at Sage Windemaker, LCSW, LLC is dedicated to providing quality holistic mental health services to children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families.  We are devoted to continually elevating the standard of care to one that fully honors and respects our clients as the experts on themselves, their story and where they would next like to journey.  We are fiercely committed to fostering a safe therapeutic container that allows our clients to step into the courageous process of showing up and allowing themselves to be fully seen. 

Woman caring for houseplants in spring planting an olive tree sapling in a larger pot. Hom

Our vision is to hold space that allows transformative work to take place that creates and sustains deep change and connection within individuals, families and communities.  We imagine our clients reaching towards greater understanding of the messages of their bodies, minds and hearts and then tending inward accordingly so that they are less likely to experience  exhaustion, acute sickness, burn out, or becoming chronically ill.  We invite the process of our clients identifying and dislodging any barriers to self-care, self-nourishment and regenerative healing.  We visualize our clients trading self-denial, self-criticism and self-punishment for self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-love.  We conjure up the image of healing that vibrates out beyond self through a beautiful ripple effect that creates change for our community and for future generations.  

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