Sage is not currently accepting new clients, and Beth is accepting clients on a limited availability basis, on Thursday afternoons.


We are providing all services through video telehealth therapy, and will not be offering in-person offerings for the forseeable future.  


Please note, incoming clients must be in Pennsylvania during all sessions, as telehealth and licensing laws require that the therapist be licensed where the client is at the time of each session.  


If you do not live in Pennsylvania and you need help connecting with a therapist in another state, please check out Therapy Den as a therapist search engine that could help connect you with a local clinician.  If you have questions regarding specific specialty areas within Delaware,  please feel free to reach out, as we are connected with quite a few clinicians in Delaware and would be happy to provide a suggestion.  Please note, though we pride ourselves on building strong connections with other therapists who uphold a high standard for care, we can not be held liable for the care received at any other practice. 


If you are interested in pursuing working with one of the clinicians within our practice, the first step would be to complete the prospective client inquiry form on the contact page.   


You would then receive an email or call from our Clinical Director, Sage Windemaker, during which, Sage would learn about that which you are hoping to get out of therapy, she would share more about our therapeutic approach within the practice, and all logistics such as payment and scheduling would also be discussed.  

If for any reason it was decided during the initial connection and clarity phase that your needs might be best met by a clinician in a different practice, you will be given referrals for clinicians who may be more specialized in that which you are specifically seeking and/or better able to meet your needs for a logistical or other reason.  We are very connected within the local therapist community and passionate about helping to connect folks with the best possible fit for them, whether that is inside of or outside our practice.    


If it is mutually decided between you and Sage that you or your loved one’s needs could be met at our practice, the next step would be to access the client portal, where you would be able to review and electronically sign all paperwork within the intake packet, including your holistic wellness questionnaire, which will offer you the opportunity to provide (with as much detail or brevity as feels right for you), everything that you think would be helpful for your new support team to know about who you are, where you've been, and where you wish to go..  We ask that all incoming clients please sign all consent forms prior to the first appointment.  


The next step would be to schedule and attend  your Intake and Wellness Planning Session with Sage, during which you would explore in greater depth that which you are hoping to journey through and beyond in therapy.  Your learning style will also be explored during the intake session in a way that explores both how you best learn new concepts, theories and techniques, as well as how and in what ways you prefer to be supported, that is, through a gentle and nurturing, or more direct approach, etc.  We know that therapy is far from one size fits all, and this intake process is one piece of the ways in which we truly strive to custom tailor your therapy experience to that which you, as a unique individual, are most in need of and craving.  Together, with Sage, you will journey through your story and map out your goals for where you want to go and how you want to begin living.  Following this intake appointment with Sage, you would then be connected with your clinician to begin your therapeutic journey.  


Sage works with clients as an out-of-network provider, but is not currently accepting new clients.  


Beth works with self-pay clients only.  

If you are seeking therapy with an in-network provider, there are several therapist search engines that allow you to search by insurance, as well as sliding fee/low-cost options:

  • Therapy Den (allows for searching by insurance provider as a filter option): https://www.therapyden.com/

  • Inclusive Therapists (allows for searching by insurance provider, sliding scale/low-cost options, cultural knowledge, and spiritual knowledge).  https://www.inclusivetherapists.com/

  • Open Path Collaborative - Significantly reduced fee therapy ($30-$60 a session for individual therapy & $30-$80 for couples & family therapy) for those who either lack health insurance or are underinsured, and cannot otherwise afford to work with a therapist - https://openpathcollective.org/


Beth is the clinician who is currently accepting new clients and her fee is $150 per session, and payment is due at the time of the session.  

We do offer a financial support option, to assist those for whom the fee would be prohibitive.  This can be explored as an option during the initial phone call.  

Didn't find the answer to your question? Contact us today and we'll get back to you ASAP.