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Prior to March of 2020, we offered all sessions in-person; however, at the start of the pandemic, and due to Sage's family's medical complexity, all sessions within the practice were transitioned to Telehealth.  We understand that the pandemic has brought tremendous change and loss.  We are here to support you as you continue to weather the changes and all of the associated unknowns of our new way of living.  


All individual sessions are still taking place as telehealth appointments, which are completed through our HIPPA-compliant telehealth and practice management platform, Simple Practice.  These sessions take place through live video conferencing and can be completed through any compatible electronic device (smart phone, tablet, computer) anywhere you have privacy and a reliable internet connection.  Because telehealth sessions are considered to take place where the client is located at the time of service, and because the clinician must be licensed in the state in which the services are taking place, clients must be in the state of Pennsylvania during telehealth sessions.  


Anticipated Return of Some In-person Offerings  

We are very excited to soon begin offering in-person group therapy, workshop and retreat options in our restored barn office on the 16-acre horse and other rescue animals farm that we work from in Oxford, PA.  We will be updating the website to share these offerings in the very near future!  We also hope to begin offering walk-and-talk and stationary outdoor sessions on the farm on a case-by-case basis in the spring of 2024.  

A Note on Telehealth with Children

While we have always provided telehealth as an option for our adolescent and adult clients, we did not originally know how our youngest child clients would do with the transition to 100% telehealth.  We are so happy to report that we have been so consistently blown away by how well our child clients have transitioned.  We do a lot of expressive and game-based work to help keep kids engaged and we pour quite a bit of effort into making therapy fun (even as we journey through the hard work) for our youngest clients in an effort to keep the therapy container as safe and connected as possible.  We are very passionate about learning the interests of our clients and going the extra step to help them feel very much seen and cared for within the therapeutic relationship. 


We also do a lot of in-session parent/child interaction work which has transitioned beautifully to telehealth as we transfer therapeutic approaches to the  parent, which takes place in-person during the session.  We also provide quite a bit of psychoeducation to further transfer therapeutic knowledge to caregivers for completing work in between sessions, which leads to  quicker relief of symptoms than we would ever achieve in once weekly sessions alone.  We have also found most kids to feel quite a bit different about virtual therapy (than we have found the majority of them to feel about virtual school), as a lot of our child and adolescent clients seem to have taken quite a bit of comfort in diving into the vulnerable and emotionally heavy work of therapy within their safe space, where they can show us their rooms and favorite items, and complete the sessions with a snuggly pup (or beaded dragon) nearby or on their lap, rather than having to adjust to a new place, a new person and a new process all at once.  Lastly, we have found that telehealth in some ways is actually more intimate therapeutically in that though there is geographic distance between us, there is not an entire room between us, rather, our faces are “in one another’s faces,” which has made for longer sustained eye contact, which we feel has actually accelerated therapeutic growth for some of our young clients in a way that we totally weren’t anticipating but have been so amazed by.  

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