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“Here's to coming alive right here, where you are."    

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

Are you ready to create change and growth by discovering where you want to be in life and how to get there?  We are excited to begin cultivating healing and growth alongside you!  


We are a Pennsylvania- and telehealth-based psychotherapy practice that holds a high standard for holistic and integrative clinical care, guided by the belief that, just as so many wonders in the natural world, we, too, hold the ability to regenerate and cultivate healing for ourselves. 


We concentrate our work on both growth and forward-movement work, as well as psychotherapeutically dipping into the thought patterns that sometimes keep us feeling stuck that may possibly be rooted in an origin of trauma or anxiety-based fear patterns.  We work with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  We also provide individual and group therapy as well as community-based psychoeducation workshops and clinical training for graduate students.  We are excited to now be offering in-person group programming options in the restored barn office that we work out of on a 16-acre horse and other rescued animals farm in Oxford, PA.  Group programming topics include inner child work, expressive arts calming strategies, and integrated support for mothers who are seeking to create generational change through therapeutic mothering of themselves and their children.


Therapeutic modalities that we draw upon include trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, attachment theory, narrative therapy, EMDR and somatic embodiment and regulation work.  We draw upon all of these skills to create a customized wellness plan for each of our clients. 


Within the therapy container, we provide a compassionate space for exploring the life that our clients want to be living and utilizing motivational strategies that bring intentions to action.  We work together to fortify the trunk, or core set of beliefs about self as we map out and make room for expansive growth.  Within the work, we may become aware of tender wounds within the root system that must be tended to, and we utilize specialized therapeutic techniques to nurture and heal the root system to usher in balance. 


We both walk alongside our clients in growth-oriented work, and we provide direct intervention at the psychotherapeutic level when it is found that the root network could use healing by way of re-processing of traumatic memories and facilitation of meaning-making systems or developing strategies to propel out of and beyond anxious rumination.

Solitary female hiker on a hiking trail

"Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots."
- Rumi.

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